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Journey Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.6 Stars)

Number of reviews: 74



5.0 star rating Bill B from Little Rock, Arkansas


I don't owe what folks are listening to? The comments made are not inline of what I experienced. ToTo was extremely good. Joseph Williams is an ultra good tenor, he can belt out any of the hits Very energetic and Tight, Steve Lukathur absolutely amazing. All the band did a number on every song- Just Great Journey was just Fantastic-- Neal Sch0n was well worth the price as always - Arnal nailed the vocals. - All around Great - Both Superb Bands I mean what did U expect I loved every song played -- I True Joy! I'll go again P

5.0 star rating Miko from Los Angeles, California


Toto was as awesome as I expected them to be! The band is amazing! Journey also was great! Yes Arnel is no Steve Perry but he sure as heck could reach those notes as best he can! Try singing like that every two days and see your vocal chords tear. Proud of him! It was great to see Neil play live (one of the best guitar players ever for me) and Dean on drums!!!! His voice! i was blown away. Everyone that night killed it. Thanks for a very wonderful show! arenas sound system was damn good! Crowd was super lively, singing in, and excited the entire night! Got to see 2 of the greatest bands play.. what more could I have asked for! 🤘🏻

5.0 star rating Carol from New Orleans, Louisiana


The show was great. Both bands had high energy and seemed to enjoy what they do.

5.0 star rating Mike from Tampa, Florida


We all need to take advantage of seeing bands that can perform LIVE like these bands… while we can! No real tricks… just solid singing and playing. From my seat… all was fine. Both bands. Both of the bands… like others from the 70’s and 80’s… have experienced lots of personnel changes…. I think it’s kinda sad when I hear folks negatively blasting a band, because the lineup is not like ‘before’….. Almost none of the bands..( or just about anything else for that matter)… is like it used to be. I miss Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, and Bobby Kimball…. But… Toto sounded great!…. Same goes for Ross Valory, Steve Perry and Steve Smith!! Not to mention Greg Rollie and Aynsley Dunbar!!.. But… from my seat Journey sounded great as well. I miss LedZeppelin…. But I am glad there are bands like Greta Van Fleet to supply some energy to music of that genre…. Just like picking a color.. a car… or clothes.. you can be influenced, but it is still a matter of your gut feeling… your taste.

5.0 star rating A.Wood from Tampa, Florida


Both Toto and Journey were great. I'm not sure what the bad reviews are about because it's one of the better shows I have seen in a long time. No theatrics needed just awesome music!!!

5.0 star rating Rusty Shackleford from Greensboro, North Carolina


I had tickets to see Pretenders/Journey in 2020 that of course was cancelled. We kept waiting for them to come around again but this time it would be with Toto and at first disappointed we'd miss out on the Pretenders but we like Toto as well. Both bands were so great and kept the crowd involved. Arnel Pineda does a great job with Journey's legacy performing the songs with a lot of enthusiasm and crowd presence. He looks like Bono did back in the 70's/80's the way he's running around the stage engaging with the crowd. Highly recommend seeing them if they come around again - it's too bad the band is going through some turmoil again at the moment and hope they can get it worked out.

5.0 star rating Elizabeth HB from Toronto, Ontario


I just read some of the earlier reviews. I took my 15 year old daughter and we sang along and had an amazing time! What a gift Arnel Pineda is. He allows us to experience all of those amazing songs....he was incredible! Loved Toto too! Apologies to the lady we sat next too...we could not help but sing along with the classics!

5.0 star rating Randy from Birmingham, Alabama


Both Journey and Toto were high energy and excellent. I think do think the sound improved for both bands as they did a couple songs into their sets. It was the BJCC coliseum, after all; I've heard far worse in there. It was a fun evening with my wife, and I'd go see that show again if I could.

5.0 star rating Ken M. Bogard from Louisville, Kentucky


I enjoyed both performances . Toto was outstanding and I enjoyed seeing them for the first time. They brought a nice mix of old and new songs. They also included a Beatles and Joe Cocker version of a little help from my friends. Awesome version. Journey was fantastic as well. They gave a great show. Neil is a talented guitarist and showed off his skills like Jonathan Cain. Everyone had great vocal chops and the light show was solid. Enjoyed the show worth a penny.

5.0 star rating WMC from Winnipeg, Manitoba


Seen them in the 1980’s they were awesome! Both bands once again did not disappoint in 2024! So many great hits and they still sound awesome and can rock!

5.0 star rating Krystal Simmons from Champaign, Illinois


I am so confused by this rating Journey was absolutely phenomenal!! We were late to the venue so we only heard one song from Toto but they also seemed fun. I left the concert with new favorites of classics I wasn’t aware of! I’ve never seen the original band members perform together but these members complimented each other so so well and really seemed to enjoy the interaction with the crowd! I can’t wait for the next show, I also loved that the concert attendees were of all ages! Such a phenomenal time!

5.0 star rating Sharon Boothroyd from Raleigh, North Carolina


I am not understanding all the bad reviews at all. We expected things to sound dated but they both blew it out of the park. We sat on left side of stage and it was amazing. Neal Schon at nearly 70 years old, come on people. He was spot on. Love, love Deen Castronovo, drums and vocals superb. Arnel sang his heart out. He's been ,if I'm not mistaken , singing for Journey longer than Steve did. I love Arnel. Journey will always be Steve Perry to me but this was a killer concert. Love ToTo also. They were amazing. Like alot of other people, I don't understand the bad reviews. They certainly didn't hear what I did. Not one ounce of disappointment in this entire concert!!! Journey Forever!!!

5.0 star rating Donald and liz knudsen from Charleston, North charleston s.c


Every member of journey were as good as it it gets.

5.0 star rating BB from Easton, Connecticut


Acoustics in the arena are marginal but both bands still crushed it - and then some! Enjoyed Toto more than expected, and Journey v2.0 with Arnel’s energy is as enjoyable as his vocals. And being on front row didn’t hurt, just amazing overall.

4.0 star rating Chad from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


While I will agree with some of the others that the sound quality was off, Arnel made up for it with high energy and great vocals. The set list included many of their iconic hits and featured a couple of new songs which I wasn’t familiar with. Overall a great show, would have been five stars had the sound quality been better.

4.0 star rating Rick from Calgary, Alberta


I thought it was really good. Maybe not the best Journey concert I have seen, but good.

4.0 star rating Monique from Calgary, Alberta


Toto was a fantastic surprise! So good and they really seemed to be having a great time! A real band with lots of comradrie, and their sound was excellent. I'd see them again 100%. Journey should have been called The Neil Schon band et al. Camera on him the entire time, too many guitar solos that lasted way too long, Arnel hit the notes but the sound was off, could hardly hear him at times. LOVED Mother Father by Castronova! Happy to hear all the hits I knew and still love. I saw Journey with Steve Perry in 1986. I miss Perry. Had a good time but this will be the last time I go to a Journey concert.

3.0 star rating Todd H Forry from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Journey was a former shell of what they were. The singer was great but you could tell he was just being pushed out of the way by the "look at me" guitar playing of Neil Schon. Their sound was absolutely horrible with the blasting almost heavy metal guitar and a solo after every single song. Jonathan Cain spent more time playing rhythm guitar than the keyboards and they had a second keyboard player with them. Sorry, but this is not the Journey I remember. The setlist was filled with all the hits, so thankfully there was some good to this. We were lucky and got free tickets which dampened the sting a bit more than if I had to pay the $89.50 which some people paid. Sorry Journey, but it might be time to hang it up. Toto on the other hand was amazing. The sound was incredibly balanced and everyone in the band looked they were having a great time.

3.0 star rating Deb from Albany, New York


Let me start by saying that Toto was incredibly awesome and the sound was amazing! Journey on the other hand was disappointing! The lead singer could not hold the long runs in the songs and frequently had to take breaths in between to get through the run:(. At times he even sounded off key. The song set was amazing and all the popular songs were sung. Neil Schon did a nice job on the guitar but for some reason he was the only one that came through clear in the sound system??? They tried and we still had an amazing time but unless they’re going to really start training for a concert again – it may be the time to hang it up:(

3.0 star rating Heather from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The entire show I felt his mic was either cutting out or he was. At times he sounded flat. The band was great and I think they amped up the band sound to mask the truth that Arnel's been pushing it too much for too long. I lost saw them perform at Summerfest and the vocals were spot on. Time to gargle some salt water and see an ENT Doc!

3.0 star rating Angie from St. Louis, MO


Toto was amazing! Better than we could have ever expected. Their vocals were spot on, the sound, the musical talent, etc. was top notch. Would pay to see them again and again! Journey was "ok". They played all the hits, but the sound was horrible. Not sure what was going on, but it was super disappointing. Sound guy needs to be fired.

3.0 star rating Journey Fan from St. Louis, Missouri


Not sure if it was the sound system, mic or vocals not reaching the notes but something was definitely off. I have seen Journey in the last 10 years and they were amazing compared to what I recently saw.

3.0 star rating Gregg from Seattle, Washington


Took my two adult kids to this as I wanted them to experience Journey. What a great surprise. Toto came out and kicked ass. Sound was good even though we were in the rafters, and the musicianship was top notch. Every song was fantastic and most of the show was a sing-a-long. My kids kept saying they were so surprised how great this concert was. Then, out came Journey. Right off the bat, oit was evident that the sound team had a different idea of what great sound was, since the volume was lower and you could barely hear Arnel as he tried to live up to Steve Perry's legend. I assumed they would dial it in as the show progressed, but they never did. Sound was barely passable from start to finish and the show was so predictable. they played the hits, most of which are still great, but are really not something you need to see in person. Highlights of the show were Neil Shons guitar work, Dean Castronov's drumming (exceptional) and singing and the song "Wheel in the sky", which is truly GREAT in person.

3.0 star rating RICHARD H from Portland, Oregon


I really enjoyed Toto and loved the whole show. Journey came out and I was amazed to see how well they played. I am NO CRITIC but what was up with the sound ?? Toto sounded fantastic and Journey was very good but the sound was off. It was just nice to get out and enjoy a show with my Portland Peeps. I would have 5 Stared this whole thing but sound was way off. The Portland D J was also very good and he had a great sound LOL

3.0 star rating Joe Glaze from Las Cruces NM


Saw Journey in Las Cruces NM. No opening act as I heard Toto stopped touring with them a while back. Loud and wayyyy too much reverb. Singer seemed to struggle at times and yelled a lot. Neil Schon can play guitar and was more than happy to prove it over and over and over and over during the show. The drummer and the second keyboard player both sounded like Steve Perry. Must be a requirement to join.

3.0 star rating Laura Lewis from ColumbiaSC


Journey sounded horrible. The sound mix was all wrong, the vibe was weird, those classic songs had no impact on the audience. Toto on the other hand - fantastic!

3.0 star rating Char C from Spokane, Washington


Overall it was a good show. Toto was so much better than I'd expected. They played longer than a typical opening act which was a nice surprise. Something was wrong with Journey's sound. The balance was off and it almost sounded like a blown speaker somewhere in the system. Inexcusable for a band of their caliber. Highlight for me was Deen Castronovo's drumming and singing Mother,Father. I'd pay to see him featured more. Neil's solos at the end of every song got a little old!

3.0 star rating TSwish from Eugene, Oregon


Toto was a tad bit too loud (and I like loud!) but they sounded polished and really,really good!! Journey, a band I have always enjoyed listening to, just sounded like crap. Maybe it was our location (Sec113) but it sounded like all the band members were competing to be the loudest. I am sure it was not the band but the sound engineers that made a great band sound not so much.

3.0 star rating Ms Bradley from Spokane, Washington


Toto was great. I was so looking forward to.this concert. Journey was at best mediocore. Very disappointed!

3.0 star rating John and Robyn from Greenville, South Carolina


I am a HUGE Journey fan! The only thing I thought could have improved their performance was the band out playing the vocals. You would think that the acoustics could be corrected in the sound checks prior to the concert. It was so hard to hear the lead singer in all songs but those that had less band input. Seriously they concentrated on the electric guitar more than the lead singer. In that regard it was a little disappointing.

3.0 star rating AJ from Baltimore


Toto nails it. Journey falls short in all categories.

3.0 star rating Cb from Louisville, Kentucky


Toto sounded great. Journey sounded ok on the first song but when they started stone in love in went bad. Sounded like they lost a channel and never fixed it. It almost sounded like a track was off time also. I play drain a local rock band so I noticed it immediately. Worst sound I’ve heard at the yum center, sucks because I’m a huge Journey fan. I know local sound Gus that could do better.

3.0 star rating Angela Hackney from Louisville, Kentucky


I paid for one of the best seats in the house. Floor 2 Row F seat 12 (6 rows back from the stage dead center!) Toto was amazing! Steve Lukather’s performance was incredible and the rest of the band too! I bought the ticket to see Journey though. Sadly, Arnel did not deliver the vocals. The “show” was good. The lighting, camera work and giant screen were high quality. Arnel’s voice seemed overdriven (and off key at times.) He was very entertaining and engaging with the crowd- he just didn’t sound like I remembers him from when he joined (~2007.) Maybe he has injured his vocal cords? Maybe he couldn’t hear? Dunno. I REALLY REALLY wish the drummer (Deen Castronovo) had sang all of the songs. He was freaking AMAZING!! Just wow. 😮 Seriously chills. Major props to Deen- I’m so glad he was able to come back to the band. Steve Smith was perfection- but Deen saved the night for me!!!!

3.0 star rating Lisa Nixon from Charleston, SC


Toto was great! Clearly they all have a great relationship and the sense of comraderie was clear. Journey felt like they didn't even like each other and Neil Schon was determined to play over Arnel's voice as much as possible. The camera was on Arnel singing but you could hear nothing over the overly loud guitars. And a Neil guitar solo after EVERY SONG? Enough already! The sound system so many times felt like everyone was playing a different song and it was a muddled mess. I will remember them from the old days and not waste my money again.

2.0 star rating Jackie from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Although journeys music is absolutely classic, tonight‘s concert was disappointing! Great energy, but the sound quality was AWFUL. We couldn’t clearly hear a single word sung. It was a muffled mess.

2.0 star rating John Biondi from Bridgewater, NJ


This concert was a Christmas gift to my daughter. It was her idea to go see Journey. We saw them last time around at the Rock as well. Firstly, what happened to Billy Idol? Not that Toto didn't sound great and I thoroughly enjoyed their 4 songs that I knew. They were very tight, in a good way. The sound last night stunk! From the very first lyrics that Arnel Pineda sang, his vocals were awful. His voice sounded like he had been overtaxed and was getting sick. Ironically, plugging my ears with my fingers made his voice sound better, and much clearer. PLUGGING MY EARS MADE IT BETTER! I remember thinking to myself, "Well, I guess this is the last time I will ever see them in concert." Deen Castronovo and Jason Derlatka both sang tunes and their vocals were spot on. Get Steve Perry, do one final tour, or even just a pay-per-view, and cash out. And get that guitar out of Jason Cain's hands. (scoffs) Disappointed!

2.0 star rating Jc from Detroit, Michigan


Wanted to hear the young man sing…… Nothing but loud drums and guitar playing over the voices. Something wrong with Sound system. Toto much better

2.0 star rating from Detroit, Michigan


Toto was way better than I expected! They have evolved through the recent years and really rocked! A mix of jazz, blues and rock and a stage full of talented musicians. Journey ,on the other hand, sounded terrible. It was very disappointing. Their sound was way off. There were times when you couldn’t even hear the singing. No encore….a very short show

2.0 star rating Steve B from Manchester NH


Toto rocked it! Journeys mix was horrible could not hear Arnel at all and it was pbvious he was having trouble hearing himself. A better mix would have made a much better show. SNHU Arena

2.0 star rating Alicia Lugo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Was really looking forward to this concert even if Billy Idol was replaced by Toto. Very disappointed by Journey the sound quality was really bad!

2.0 star rating Darren Day from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Journey sound was loud and muddled, and when the vocals were heard they were out of tune. Just the opposite of opener Toto, whose 10 song was tight set sounded great, and showed what a real innovative rock band should look and sound like.

2.0 star rating Cheri & Spring from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


My friend and I were looking forward to this concert for quite some time. Toto was a great opening act. When Journey took the stage, we were looking forward to an amazing concert. Instead, it had an overwhelming awkward feeling to it, like we stepped into a room while people were arguing but were now playing nice for their guests. The lead singer was constantly drowned out by the band. And the guitar solo's....enough already! We get it, you were an original band member, you worked with Steve Perry, you are in control now! Very disappointing.

2.0 star rating Dave from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Would have to agree with most of the other review. Toto was a better show due to being able to actually hear the singers. Half the time we were unable to even hear what was being sung by Journey due to the overwhelming guitar volume.

2.0 star rating Owen from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Toto started the night off and sounded very tight. Lead singer sounded just like the albums and the guitar sounded beautiful. Everything was super tight. You could hear the distinct separation between the instruments and the mix was on point. I like Toto, but I came here mainly for Journey. Journey did not sound so good. They had great-looking graphics and visual effects but their sound mix was god-awful. I couldn't hear the separation between any of the instruments. The singing was overpowering and often imprecise. It sounded like Arnel was simply yelling a lot of the notes into a mix loaded with reverb, leading to a complete loss of detail. Neal Schon's solos and rhythm guitar playing were too quiet as well, and I often couldn't hear them over the rest of the band. He didn't play that well either, with his solos sounding uninspired and often muddy. I was impressed by Toto but disappointed by Journey. Hopefully they can fix the horrible sound-mix in the future.

2.0 star rating Jim from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I was disappointed in the concert. The sound engineer should be fired. It was the worst sound mixing I’ve ever heard indoors. Singer mic and guitar were either cutting out or too low. It was also too loud. Over 110db peak at my seats. Also don’t understand why the two new guys sang songs. And why was don’t stop believing 3rd in the set? Should have been the encore which they didn’t do.

2.0 star rating A disappointed fan from Central Illinois


Truthfully... Toto had an outstanding performance. Great harmonies, solid instrumentation, excellent overall sound quality... they did not disappoint, and were actually better than expected. Not the case for Journey... the mix was horrible... guitar was muted the entire show... Neil's solos could not be heard - period. Vocals - well, adequate, but nothing worth mentioning. Jonathon Cain was the highpoint... the man can still play. But they really need to fire their soundtrack, assuming the lousy mix wasn't intentional... hiding something perhaps? Moving forward, I'll get my Journey fix when Resurrection is in the area.

2.0 star rating Rod from Tampa, Florida


Well..$200 later..light show was the star tonight..Toto was entertaining and my old friends Journey..we'll a treat but last show...I'm sad ..always remember The warehouse in New Orleans in 1985 with Perry's leadership ..thanks for all the past great shows guys!! .

2.0 star rating JMarie from Detroit, Michigan


My all time favorite 80’s band. I was so excited to share with my daughter. Toto rocked it. Sadly, the sound/microphone/acoustics whatever for Journey was just awful. The music was extremely loud and couldn’t hear the vocals. Hard to enjoy all the great songs. I thought it was the arena but based on the other reviews from around the country it maybe their sound crew. Very disappointing.

2.0 star rating Mark S Meyers from Honolulu, Hawaii


Concert ok - audience was attracted to the good songs, but the others were not well received. It was obvious. Also, WTF -NO ENCORE So, concert ok, no encore = 2 stars

2.0 star rating James Arnold from Greensboro, North Carolina


I was pleasantly surprised at the Toto performance. Song set was great. Band performed great. They really engaged the audience. The guitar solos were amazing and the singers were strong as ever. Journey...on the other hand was a complete disappointment. Lead singer was off key and you couldn't understand his words. I'd compare it to mediocre karaoke. I bought the tickets for Journey...but Toto was the only thing that made it worth a few dollars. I could not recommend people buying tickets for this Journey tour.

2.0 star rating Mike Conley from Los Angeles, California


I’m a life long Journey fan; but, sorry, Lukather & the boys embarrassed Journey. Vocally, instrumentally, sound quality…every facet. Also, the way Toto engaged with the audience and each other, they seemed happy to be there and performing. Love Neil Schon but it might really be time to look in the mirror & reflect.

2.0 star rating Mark from Wichita, KS


I was very surprised in Toto very good performance. They played the four songs that I knew from years ago with both vocal and musical excellence. Journey on the other end of the spectrum, was a sounding disapointment. Steve Perry's replacement, seemed to have a lot of reverb and a background mix that was a mess. Toto should be the main act and Journey should be an opening "cover band" act.

2.0 star rating Jana Johnson from Spokane, Washington


Last nights Journey performance was a real bummer. Toto saved it and was amazing! I took my 16-year-old son to see Journey, who I have followed for their 50 year career. The singer, Arnel Pineda's performance and choppy out-of-tune singing was like a bad karaoki performance. Journey's reputation as a sophisticated, revoluationay rock band has made them a favorite with an untouchable sound loved worldwide through many generations, but they are damaged by Arnel. The magic really happened when Deen Castronova sang and the room filled with a hushed awe then burst into applause. We were begging for him to finish singing the rest of the concert. Arnel came back on, my son turned to me and said, "hey, let's go, this is really awful" and I agreed, Inever thought I'd walk out on Journey. The performance of all the other Journey members was impeccable. We won't go again if Arnel is the singer - so sad! Toto should have been the main band for this tour.

2.0 star rating Doyle from Central Florida from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Thought sound was off and too loud for both bands. Ear plugs actually helped hear singers. Way too much BASS on both bands. But our main problem was a couple next to us in section 7 row 28 was they talked over the 110 db of the concert the whole time. Please come up for air and listen to a few songs you might like what you hear beside your yelling (talking). Have a nice day and THANKS for ruining our concert.

2.0 star rating Doyle from Central Florida from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Follow up to earlier review, meant section 107, not 7.

1.0 star rating S Poole from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Toto started the night sounding great. Was looking forward to Journey and was totally disappointed. It is clear Schon is running the show. The mixing was focus on hearing the musicians (especially Schon) at the expense of the vocals. Schon is very talented, but it seems he was featured in every song. Didn’t pay to see a Schon concert.

1.0 star rating Maryjo L Lentz from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


We were in the 206 level at Wells Fargo on 2/23/22 and the sound was AwFUll!!!! You could NOT hear the vocals at all!!!!!!!

1.0 star rating Maryjo L Lentz from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The ToTo / Journey concert had the worst sound mix!! I was sitting in the 206 level with my husband on 2/23/22 and for the price we paid for tickets ,the sound quality should have been much better!!!! We could not even hear what the singers were singing!!!! Does NO ONE do a sound check anymore!

1.0 star rating Lost Journey Fan from Detroit, Michigan


Let me start by saying even though we are Journey fans since the early 80's, we originally bought these tickets to see Billy Idol; with that said, we still came and what a mistake! Neil Schon, who isn't even close to other guitar heros is obviously a narcissist as this show is all about is mediocre guitar playing. Even the newish singer knows this as he placates to Neil continually so he too isn't fired from the band like everybody else! The singer vocals are close to Steve Perry except he isn't Steve! His playing to the crowd was somewhere between awkward and clumsy. And then there is the song set which was horrible - I didn't recognize 5 songs (must be new) and then from their rich play list, they chose very mediocre songs a best. Going back to Neil Schon; this is obvious his attempt at staying relevant with a bunch of subservient paying hommage to Neil so they can still play in front of an audience. Save yourself time and money and get out you Captured or Escape CD's and you will enjoy it much better. Finally, how dare Neil give a shout out to Steve Perry prior to playing "Lights" after you have done him so wrong!

1.0 star rating Pam from Detroit, Michigan


So I got tickets because I wanted to see Billy Idol found out he wasnt going to be there teied to get avrefund no go decided to make the best of it What a joke The band was so loud it drowned out the singer felt bad for him so many people left early I stayed till almost the end. What a waste of money will never out myself through that again. Not interested in guitar solos

1.0 star rating Louise from Manchester nh


Musicians were too loud and overpowering. Couldnt hear singer at all. We had to leave half way through because it was too loud and not enjoyable.

1.0 star rating Bernie from Albany, New York


Toto sounded fantastic, should have been the headliner. Journey comes out and you couldn’t hear one word from the lead singer. Guitar solos ended with ear numbing feedback, and didn’t sound good to boot! Left early because we couldn’t stand it!

1.0 star rating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Journey was on my bucket list to see for years. I should have thrown that bucket out. Listening to Toto I was excited for journey to come on, but after the first song I knew the night was shot. I've gone to a lot of concerts in my life, but I have to say the sound was the worst I've ever heard. Couldn't wait till the end to leave.

1.0 star rating Tia M from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Toto was a fantastic surprise…thankfully. They sounded great. We saw Journey years and it was a great show so I had high hopes. Utter disappointment this time. Lead singer can’t seem to sing anymore and he awkwardly runs around the stage nonstop. The best part of their set was their drummer, Deen Castronovo, lead singing one song. THAT GUY CAN SING-wish he would have done lead vocals for the whole show!!!!!

1.0 star rating SJ from OKC


3/17/22 show OKC - The sound was terrible, I thought they were having issues with equipment but after reading other reviews it turns out that the sound engineers suck! It sounded like one channel Was blown and they were cramming everything through the other remaining channel??…hate to say it, including backing tracks … disappointing, oh well they’re off to make another show and another $250k

1.0 star rating Ryan from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


So disappointed in this concert. Journey should have opened for Toto.

1.0 star rating Mike from Orlando, Florida


Like many others was disappointed in the sound mix it was bad. Another complaint was that they didn’t have the jumbo screens working. Those sitting high up had a hard time seeing. Could not here much of the lyrics.

1.0 star rating SLV from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Disappointing - took my two sons - seemed Arnel had no voice that night- He did a lot of “audience participation” sing alongs…. Especially on the more difficult High note vocal parts…. He was not so good and out of tune- guitar often was way too loud . Great stage and stage optics . Toto was great - wished they would have played “Pamela”

1.0 star rating Mary Ann from Knoxville, Tennessee


Toto was awesome!! Their music was spot on! Journey was so disappointing. There was on chemistry on stage. Sound was so loud that you couldn’t really hear the songs! Lead singers voice sounded strained and i’m pretty sure at one time he was lip syncing!!

1.0 star rating James Armstrong from Mississauga Ontario


after 3 songs by ToTo we gave up and left. The sound was distorted and got worse over the 3 songs we heard. with the headliner coming up I knew they would be turning up the already maxed out sound system adding more distortion. We really wanted to see Steve Perry do his thing but the sound sucked.

1.0 star rating Shadowman from Calgary, Alberta


The sound for both Toto and Journey was beyond bad. Toto was ok but not memorable. Journey was a disaster, the backing completely overwhelmed the vocals. The Bass drum sound was obnoxious. Most of the time it was the Neil Schon concert, he obviously calls the shots to the detriment of the band. Only bright spot was a 2 minute solo with lead singer and pianist. Arnel was totally off key several times. The overall sound was atrocious. The sound engineer needs serious instruction. Just a huge disappointment and waste of $400.00 for 2 tickets. If you are reading this and unsure about your money and watch them on u tube.

1.0 star rating Tom from Calgary, Alberta


Not sure if it was the bands or the Edmonton Rogers place or location we sat. We sat in the 209 section and all I could hear was noise. Couldn’t hear the music let alone the singer. We ended up leaving half way through Journey as I was getting a massive headache. Got to the concourse and met others that were having the same experience. Talked with one of the door man he said many were complaining. He said the bad wanted the volume turned up so they could save their voices. Was so looking forward to this concert only to leave in disappointment.

1.0 star rating Stephen from Edmonton Alberta


The first part I enjoyed when Toto was playing. But when journey came on the volume was thunderously loud. I know a concert generally plays loud but this was ridiculous and over-the-top loud. Even Arnel Pineda was indicating he couldn’t hear with his earpieces and was telling them to turn the volume down. It took them over 40 minutes to realize this and the first 40 minutes of the concert was horrific. All I could hear was thunderous music blended together and it sounded like thunder. You couldn’t hear any of the lyrics or the vocals. Totally unprofessional and poorly done. What was the sound Crew thinking. Are they half deaf from the loud music. And as a sidenote Roger‘s place seating is horrific. I can’t believe they built this arena and they squeeze so many people in there with no seating comfort or leg space. The millionaires club trying to squeeze every dollar out of every avenue they can. It’s sad to see such a beautiful building in my view wasted with uncomfortable seats for tall people.

1.0 star rating Bob Carney from Henderson


The band was insanely loud and lead singer kept missing notes while screaming into the Mike I was seated in area A in the K row of seats. I left before the 2d song was over. Toto was much better. Overall, I wouldn't waste my time and money to see Journey again

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